Download The Hunger Games Movie: A worth watching movie

November 11, 2020 | By r3p4r4 | Filed in: Technology.

Director Gary Ross is again ready to hit the block with his new upcoming movie ‘The Hunger Games’, which is a science fiction at its best. The story of the movie is based on novel ‘The Hunger Games’ written by Suzanne Collins. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson star in this much-hyped movie. Be sure to catch the movie as soon as it releases and if you forget to do so, the only way to enjoy it is by getting a download of it. The plot of the The Hunger Games is set in future and the story revolves round a girl, who has to put her life on stake for her family.

The film takes on a situation in future North America, which is present day’s Panem. All the events are supposed to be take place on an unknown future date. Hunger Games is the name of a harsh competition, which is to be held in Panem and creators want to select a boy and a girl for the match. The participants of this competition are called tributes, who fight with each other, and one who kills the other becomes the winner. The winner gets all the essential necessities of life in the form of gifts, food and money. Download The Hunger Games to enjoy the action and drama that it unleashes and witness how a person becomes cruel and transforms the whole arena into a river of blood to give a better life to his or her family.

Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Katniss Everdeen, who loses her father at the age of 11. Karniss lives with her mother and sister in District 12 of Capitol. Paula Malcomson portrays her mother and Willow Shields plays the role of her sister Primrose. Katniss participates in the competition many times and she puts her life on stake in order to secure the future lives of her mother and sister. Fighting in the competition gets her food and oil to support her family. And she together with Gale, one of her friends, searches for food by illegally trespassing the border of the District 12. Gale also strives hard to survive just as Katniss. Watch The Hunger Games online, to witness the course of events that traces their challenging lives.

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